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What do PT Cores mean for Lagor?

As first in Europe, in the early 80' we started making PT Cores for the Transformer producers.

From the very beginning we understood how critical the core was in the process of our customers.

A problem or a delay of the core discovered during the test of the transformer can destroy weeks and sometimes months of our customers' work.

In this case the reputation of the transformer producer is at stake and the cost may rise dramatically.

In Lagor we are aware of this risk.

We invested in research and development all along to design a process able to guarantee delivery and performances to our customer.

The first step is the production of fully assembled cores with the No-Load Losses Guaranteed.

To obtain this result we studied and built the Pass-Line: the first in-line system able to check continuously the coil collecting thousands of data concerning the electrical steel.

In 2010 we renewed our first plant for PT Cores production turning it into a state-of the-art factory equipped with one of the biggest semi-anechoic room in Italy for all tests of the cores.

In 2016 a new fully automatic machine joined our traditional lines to guarantee short lead time in the PT Cores production.