LAGOR has been manufacturing cores for electrical transformers since 1971 at its headquarters in Cerro Tanaro, in the province of Asti, where production activities are carried out across an area of 110,000 square metres, 18,000 of which are indoors, divided into three main plants.

Since the mid-1990s, LAGOR has established itself on the market for magnetic cores for transformers, becoming a partner to the world’s largest manufacturers.

Our Philosophy

LAGOR has developed a cutting-edge measuring line to continuously measure the main characteristics of the sheet steel which, combined with an innovative system that manages the material in real time, optimises the core.

Raw material knowledge

Reliability and Speed in Delivery

Core performance guarantee

Customer support

Maintenance and Revamping at Customers

Technology and

For years, LAGOR has been investing in research and development aimed at learning about the raw material to guarantee energy-saving performance.

LAGOR systems are able to ensure the utmost flexibility and timeliness by providing customised solutions if required.

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1. Raw Material Inspection and Slitting

We test 100% of the materials before slitting the coil to the widths needed to build the core.

2. Cutting & Assembly

We build the magnetic circuit complying with high control standards and ensuring traceability of the raw material.

3. Finitura

We offer several core finish options.

4. Testing

We test all cores manufactured in semi-anechoic rooms.

5. Delivery

We have developed systems to ensure the stability and protection of the core during transport.

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Pass Line® System

Lagor uses the PASS-LINE® system to guarantee high standards of quality:

  • Traceability of the material
  • Continuous verification of the characteristics of the steel throughout its entirety
  • Models for predicting performance failure of the core’s GO material