Our Cookie Policy is intended to describe the types of cookies used by the site www.lagor.com (hereinafter " Site”), the purposes of the cookies installed and the ways in which the user can select or deselect the cookies present on the Site and which use the services offered. We use cookies to make our site easier and more intuitive. The data collected through cookies are used to make the browsing experience more enjoyable and more efficient in the future.



A cookie is a small text file within which brief information relating to the activity of a user on a website is collected and stored on the device that has accessed the site. Cookies do not damage the device and allow us to guarantee better and faster navigation on our site. We invite you to read the following information to better understand what cookies we use and how you can manage your preferences regarding their use.



The cookies on this site are:

Technical and Aggregate Statistics Cookies

These are cookies whose purposes are essential for the correct functioning of the website and for increasing the functionality and performance of the site itself, without them some operations would be very complex or impossible to perform. A cookie of this type is also used to memorize a user's decision on the use of cookies on the website.
Technical cookies are not used for other purposes and can be managed directly by LAGOR S.R.L. or from third parties.
The "performance or analytics cookies" also belong to this category. These are cookies that collect information, in aggregate and anonymous form, about the number of users and the use they make of a website (e.g. information on which pages or sections of pages are most viewed and from which pages you receive reports of malfunctions).

This category also includes functional cookies that allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (e.g. language, text characters, browser type) in order to improve the service rendered.< /div>

Technical cookies can be used without the prior explicit consent of the user. All these cookies are enabled automatically. However, if you wish to disable them, see the paragraph "Activating and deactivating cookies".
  • Google Analytics with anonymized IP (Google Inc.)
  • Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). This integration of Google Analytics makes your IP address anonymous.
  • Data collected: information saved in cookies and Internet browsing data.
  • Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Opt Out


Profiling cookies

These are cookies used to monitor the user's web browsing and create a profile of her habits. With these cookies, advertising messages can be transmitted to the user's terminal in line with the preferences already expressed by the same user when browsing online.
Given their particular invasiveness in the private sphere of users, European and Italian legislation requires that the user must be adequately informed about their use.
In particular, this site uses the following profiling cookies:


Google Adwords Remarketing

Google Adwords Remarketing installs cookies to study and improve advertising, with remarketing actions, in order to send the user messages in line with their interests. Remarketing helps to reach users who have visited the site.
For more information, also in relation to the ways in which these cookies can be deactivated, consult the page: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2407785?hl=it
To select/deselect the cookie click here: http://www.google.com/settings/ads


Google Ads (Google Inc.) conversion tracking

Google Ads conversion tracking is a statistics service provided by Google Ireland Limited that connects data from the Google Ads advertising network with actions performed within this Application.
Personal Data processed: Usage Data and Tracking Tool.
Place of processing: USA –Privacy Policy


Remarketing with Google Analytics for display advertising (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics for display advertising is a Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting service provided by Google Inc. which connects the tracking activity performed by Google Analytics and its Cookies with the Adwords advertising network and the Doubleclick Cookie. Personal data collected: Cookies and usage data. Place of processing: USA Privacy Policy – Opt Out



Cookies have a duration dictated by the expiration date or by a specific action such as closing the browser set at the time of installation. Cookies can be:
temporary or session: they are used to store temporary information, allow you to link the actions performed during a specific session and are removed from the computer when the browser is closed;
persistent: they are used to store information, such as the login name and password, so as to avoid the user having to type them again each time he visits a specific site. These remain stored on your computer even after you close your browser. It should be noted that, in line with what is indicated by the Guarantor regarding the retention of personal data for profiling purposes, profiling cookies are stored on the user's device for a period not exceeding 12 months. At the end of this term, the banner will be re-proposed to the user through which it will be necessary to express consent to the use of cookies again. The possibility of the user to modify the choices made at any time remains unaffected.



For cookies that require consent, on the first visit to the Site the user automatically sees a banner, containing both the link to this complete information and the request to express consent to the use of cookies. Consent can be given by the user by scrolling on the page and/or by accessing other sections of the Site by clicking on links on the web page below the banner itself (consequent action), or by closing the banner itself.



You can decide whether or not to allow the installation of cookies using your browser settings. However, not all the features of this site may remain operational if one or more cookies are disabled (remember that navigation cookies are essential for the basic features of the site). The settings relating to this choice can be checked and changed in the browser preferences window. Select the browser you use below to receive information on how to change the cookie settings. The user can find information and exercise his right to oppose the tracking of cookies in his browser at the following addresses:


Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/it-IT/internet-explorer/delete-manage-cookies;
Google Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=it;
Mozilla Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/it/kb/protezione-antitracciamento-avanzata-firefox-desktop?redirectslug=Activate+and+disattivare+i+cookie&redirectlocale=it
Opera: http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.00/it/cookies.html;
Apple Safari: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH19214?locale=it_IT.


The Site uses third-party cookies, also in disaggregated form, for statistical and analysis purposes.
Here is the link for verifying the information:



At any time, the user may, pursuant to art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and articles from 15 to 22 of EU Regulation no. 2016/679, contact the Data Controller, LAGOR S.R.L., at info@lagor.com, to obtain confirmation of the existence of the processing of the data in question and of the purposes of the same, the indication of the origin of the data, the indication of the logic applied to the treatment, the indication of all the elements listed above, as well as the updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data; the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law.