“We have been working with LAGOR for years and I have personally known the Finzi family, and especially Beatrice, for over 20 years. It is a long partnership that has brought us tremendous achievements and supported our growth.
I think the respect and esteem is mutual.
LAGOR has supported us over the years, in our growth and in the choice of raw materials most suited to our needs, and also in the technical developments that have been achieved in recent years in magnetic steel.
LAGOR has also helped our technicians to use the materials selected in the best possible way.
I would definitely recommend LAGOR to other manufacturers as it is a company that invests heavily in the research of materials. LAGOR is ‘state-of-the-art’ when it comes to understanding the properties of magnetic steel.”

Ing. Giovanni Cattani
CEO of Siemens Transformers Italy


“LAGOR supported us in new Eco-design developments in compliance with changing European standards. LAGOR helped us to achieve our goals.
I believe that meeting delivery requirements and the qualities offered by LAGOR are extremely important for companies like ours.”

Mr. Eric Guarato
Purchasing Manager Celduc Transfo France