Lagor has been collaborating for several years with Politecnico di Torino to refine its skills in the field of magnetic materials and develop new ones and is going to found a PhD scholarship in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering for three years. The program will start at Politecnico di Torino on November 1st 2023.

Title of the research topic: Advanced methods, instruments, and processes for the analysis of the properties of magnetic materials for electrotechnical applications.

The context of the proposed activity is collaborative research involving the Politecnico di Torino – Department of Energy, Torino, Italy ( ) and the manufacturer LAGOR S.r.l. ( ) Asti, Italy.

The proposed research program, highly innovative, with an industrial connotation, responds to the innovation needs of companies in the electrotechnical sector. There will be periods of study and research abroad and periods of study and research at the LAGOR manufacturer.

- Prof. Carlo Stefano Ragusa ( )
- Alessandro Prete (
for additional information by June 1st 2023.

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